Conveyor technology for testing and evacuation of refrigeration units

Conveyed goods Refrigerator on styrofoam floor
Measures (538 + 556)mm x 500mm x (711 – 1920)mm (LxBxH)
Weight max. 120 kg
Conveyor direction transverse / longitudinal
Cycle time <40s
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15 °C – 40°C

The cooling units are fed into an evacuation circuit coming from the final assembly. The refrigeration units are moved onto the workpiece carriers equipped with evacuation pumps via lift transfer and alignment stations. After connecting the evacuation hoses to the refrigerator, the units travel through the circuit according to the evacuation time and are uncoupled from the evacuation hoses again when the specified parameters are reached and moved on to the next test station.

In the second station, the test circuit, the refrigerators are also moved onto workpiece carriers that are equipped with the appropriate testing technology. After fully automatic electrical contacting, the test cycle is completed and at the end the units are automatically decontacted and removed from the workpiece carriers. Any deviations from the target values are automatically assigned to the corresponding device via barcode scanners so that it can be automatically sorted out in the further course of transport and treated accordingly.

In the further conveying process, the units are turned and lowered with vertical conveyors to an ergonomically suitable level for the final inspection. Here, the units are aligned once more and electrically contacted and tested.

After passing the final inspection, the units move into a vertical conveyor, where they are turned again for the appropriate onward transport and then move into a buffer.

In addition to the conveyor technology, the scope of supply also included the workpiece carriers with mounted evacuation and testing technology, the electrical device contacting, identification systems and the complete control technology.


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