Zero pressure basket buffer

Conveyed goods Stainless steel baskets
Measures 500mm x 340mm x 265mm (LxWxH) (footprint)
Weight max. 80kg
Conveyor direction cross
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15 °C – 40°C

This mobile roller conveyor is used for automatic container filling with punched parts from a punching machine.

The roller conveyor is divided into individually driven sections. It is driven by motor rollers. There are seven container positions in total. Three places for empty containers, one place as a filling position and three places for filled containers. Each place is driven separately.

The empty pallet cages are automatically transported to the filling station and positioned by means of sensing elements such as light barriers, light scanners and initiators. At the filling station, the punched parts from the automatic punching machine end up in the stainless steel baskets. The automatic container change, after a predefined number of pieces, enables the automatic punching machine to produce without interruption.

The roller conveyor is mounted on a mobile base frame. This allows it to be moved away from the punch press for maintenance purposes.


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