Transport of washing baskets

Conveyed goods Wash baskets
Measures 600mm x 400mm x 400mm (LxBxH)
Weight max. 250 kg pro Charge (2 Körbe)
Conveyor direction transverse / longitudinal
Cycle time 400s incl. washing time
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15°C – 40°

This conveyor system transports wire mesh baskets with vehicle parts to an industrial washing machine where the parts are cleaned.

The system operator loads the roller conveyors with loaded wash baskets at several feeding points. Specially designed docking devices have been installed at the loading point to lock the customer's trolley in place.

The washing baskets are conveyed from the roller conveyor to the industrial washing machine. They are centred at the insertion opening of the washing machine, lifted out and transferred to the roller conveyor of the washing machine with a special telescopic insertion device. Plastic attachments are mounted on the rollers, which ensure safe transport even with crooked or bulbous baskets.

After the parts with basket have been washed, the basket is removed again via the insertion device and then moved to the corresponding unloading points. There, the baskets are unloaded by the operator. The baskets are moved to the lower return section via a lifting device and then made available to the operator again via a return section.

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