Accumulating roller chain conveyor

The accumulating roller chain conveyors are characterised by a low support as well as low pressure accumulation and gentle transport of the conveyed goods. They are suitable for transporting workpiece carriers such as lorry axles, axle guides, engines, camshafts, dishwasher doors, cylinder heads, door frames, etc. They are also a popular conveyor system in pallet conveyor technology.

Accumulating roller chain conveyors prove their worth thanks to their high payload and robust design. This makes them a low-maintenance conveyor technology. Accumulating roller chains also offer the option of accumulating, separating and stopping the conveyed goods in a space-saving manner.

The dimensions of the accumulation roller chains are selected individually to suit the conveyed goods or the specific application. For example, rollers made of steel, plastic or maintenance-free chains can be used.

Thanks to the free space between the conveyor lines, the conveyed goods are accessible from below and there is sufficient space between the lines for the installation of stoppers, fixing units and processing stations.

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