Driven roller conveyor

Roller conveyors with drive are a popular means in conveyor technology for transporting, feeding or buffering conveyed goods. They can be used to transport various goods with a flat surface or a surrounding frame and with different widths and lengths. Driven roller conveyors are suitable for transporting light goods and heavy loads such as pallets, workpiece carriers, cardboard boxes, crates, etc. They are also a popular conveyor system. They are also a popular conveyor system in pallet conveyor technology.

We select the ideal design for you based on the goods to be conveyed, e.g. with coated idlers for sensitive goods. The transport can be either continuous or intermittent. It is also possible to use the roller conveyor in reversing mode.

Due to the free space between the rollers, there is enough room for the installation of stoppers and fixing units. In the area of processing stations, the rollers can also be divided.

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