Conveyor system for crates

Roller conveyors for transporting plastic crates.

Belt conveyor as an ascending belt for transport to a higher level.

Conveyed goods Kunststoffkiste
Outer top dimensions 400 mm x 300 mm x 170 mm (LxWxH)
Outer bottom dimensions 365 mm x 265 mm
Weight of the conveyed goods max. 10 kg
Conveying direction crosswise / lengthwise
Cycle time 16 s
Installation location dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15°C – 40°C

Lower level

On the lower level, empty small load carriers (KLTs) are fed in at two feed points. One is fed via a curved conveyor and the other via a roller conveyor. The roller conveyor is equipped with a lateral guide that centres the KLTs for a subsequent 90° rotation. They are then brought together on a common roller track. In order to achieve the same orientation of the KLTs, the KLTs are also rotated by 90° on the straight infeed conveyor using a rotating unit. After merging, further transport takes place via a belt conveyor as an ascending belt to the upper level.

Upper level

The empty KLTs are transported via the ascending conveyor onto a driven roller conveyor. This roller conveyor transports the KLTs onto a empty roller conveyor that is over six metres long. Parallel to this, there is another empty roller conveyor onto which a worker manually pulls the KLTs from the rear to the front conveyor section and partially fills them with contents. After partial filling, the KLTs are pushed on to a driven accumulation roller conveyor, on which the container contents are completed at several automated filling stations.

The small load carriers then travel along several driven roller conveyors to the end of the lane. There, the filled containers are automatically removed. The direction of travel is changed at the corner points using electric stroke converters.

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