Individual solutions to improve your work processes

Solutions with a system

At TEGEL-TECHNIK we design individual solutions for every application in the field of conveyor technology. As an innovative manufacturer and supplier, we provide flexible conveyor systems for industry and logistics, that make your production processes easier and faster . We transport your conveyed goods cost-efficiently and, if required, at high speed. In doing so we always keep the specific framework conditions and requirements of your company in mind during implementation.

For automated logistics concepts with high demands on flexibility, speed and precision, you can rely on our wide-ranging know-how. .

Conveyor systems for smart automation

Our conveyor systems are as diverse as the products transported in the various industries. From cotton buds, to gear components, to household appliances - we transport every unit load with a fixed body. Via complete assembly lines and innovative solutions we transport your conveyed goods until they can be packed and loaded in the shipping area of your intralogistics . This includes among other things:

  • e.g. in production

  • the further processing

  • the packaging

  • and storage

Conveyor systems with modular design

With our numerous components, we realise your modular conveyor system individually and perfectly tailored to your needs. Depending on the goods to be conveyed and the general conditions in your company, our conveyor systems are either made of steel, stainless steel or our own TT aluminium profile system. We would also be happy to implement a customised special solution for you from a combination of the materials. Learn more about our different types of systems and components

Realised solutions

Testing and evacuating refrigeration units

Refrigeration units coming from the final assembly are fed to an evacuation circuit via a conveyor system .

Transport of washing baskets

Wire mesh baskets with vehicle parts are transported to an industrial washing machine by means of conveyor technology .

Transport of dishwasher inner containers

Dishwasher inner containers are transported and buffered at the same time thanks to a driven roller conveyor On this conveyor technology, dishwasher inner containers are transported and buffered at the same time.

Brake drum transport to the handling unit

Different brake drums are transported to a handling unit and positioned. The intelligent solution is a component of one of our complete production lines for transporting brake drums.

Compact box pallet transport in pipe trolley system

The infeed and outfeed section for wire mesh boxes was realised on a basic platform manufactured by the customer. The boxes are loaded with catalysts in a robot cell.

Pallet conveyor technology for hydraulic cylinders

Conveyor technology serves as internal transport and buffer line between different machining processes.

Steel conveyor technology for steel frames

Chain conveyors guide heavy load carriers into a robot station. Transfer units with integrated, driven roller conveyors are used for transverse conveying.

Conveyor system made of TT aluminium profile system for crate transport

Plastic crates are transported via roller conveyors, with a belt conveyor acting as an ascending conveyor for internal transport to a higher level.

Circulating chain conveyor made of steel and TT aluminium profile system

Efficient solution for camshafts: The vehicle parts are fed into a robot cell with workpiece carriers.

Manual work tables

Work tables with width-adjustable and swivelling idle roller tracks for ergonomic, efficient and easier work on steel workpieces

Transport system for Euro pallets

Euro pallets are transported to a robot filling station.

Conveyor technology for brake drum transport

Various brake drums are conveyed and fed to different conveyor lines.

Zero pressure accumulation basket buffer with mobile roller conveyor with motorised rollers

The mobile roller conveyor is used for automatic container filling with punched parts from a punching machine.

Other successfully implemented support systems

For more information or application examples from our portfolio, please contact us. We offer customised complete solutions for production, logistics and quality assurance as well as individual components for expanding or optimising existing conveyor systems.

Personal advice from experts on all aspects of materials handling technology

Through our many years of experience we know how crucial comprehensive consultation is in order to find the best solution for a project. Therefore, at the beginning of every cooperation is a comprehensive consultation and planning by our team. Before we start with the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of your conveyor system, we fix the specific requirements and framework conditions of your company. The result is a customised solution that optimally fits your needs.