Slat-band chain conveyor

Slat band chain conveyors are available with steel or plastic hinges. With slat-band chain conveyors, transport can take place on both straight and curved routes. They are also space-saving and allow transport on several levels.

The steel slat-band conveyors are particularly robust and hard-wearing. They can be used to transport goods that are, for example, very sharp-edged, hot or wear-critical, such as euro pallets, wire mesh boxes, cans, saw cuttings, stamped parts, connecting rods, brake discs, hubs, cotton buds, plastic containers, sharp-edged sheet metal, crates or bottles.

The slat-band chain conveyor consists of individual steel or plastic elements connected to each other. This makes them robust, low-maintenance and easy to clean. The individual plastic elements can be easily replaced in the event of maintenance or repair and enable inclines or declines to be overcome.

Due to the positive drive of hinges, sprockets and chain, a slip-free, constant and correct chain guidance is possible. Furthermore, tensioning systems are not necessary.

There are many variants of hinges, which are selected depending on the goods to be conveyed and the application. Depending on the application, the hinged belt conveyor can be equipped with a smooth, perforated, slotted or studded surface, for example.

The transport can be either continuous or intermittent. It is also possible to use the slat-band chain conveyors in reversing operation.

The drive for multiple strands is usually via a drive shaft. For heavy loads, the slat chain conveyors are either equipped with their own gear motor or the drive is made with shaft couplings.

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