Vertical conveyor

Vertical conveyors distribute the material to be conveyed over several levels or overcome specified height differences within the conveyor section in a very confined space. The entire conveyor section can thus run over several floors. With a vertical conveyor, the conveyed material can be brought to an ergonomic height at a workstation, thus facilitating the subsequent work steps.

Vertical conveyors, also called vertical conveyors, are available in different versions and designs, such as lifting tables, lifting lifts or elevators. Elevators have the advantage that they can transport several goods at the same time (paternoster principle) without time delays. Elevators are available with aluminium or steel columns. They are available as single-column, two-column or four-column versions.

As with our turntables and transfer carriages, the vertical conveyors can be equipped with different conveyor components such as roller conveyor. Rollenbahn, Kettenförderer, belt conveyor or belt conveyor, telescopic fork or can be equipped with special designs. This makes them a universally applicable conveyor technology for production and intralogistics.

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