Optimierung & Erweiterung bestehender Förderanlagen


Made of steel or TT aluminium profile system

For the expansion or optimisation of the existing conveyor system in your production and intralogistics, we have a comprehensive selection of solutions for our steel, stainless steel and TT aluminium profile system components with corresponding control and drive technology in a modular design.

With our modular system, various designs and materials are available for our components. Depending on the goods to be conveyed and the environmental influences, the components for our conveyor systems are made of steel, stainless steel or our own TT aluminium profile system. We specialise in customer-specific conveyor systems and find the optimum solution for every application.

Flexible conveyor technology of the highest quality

Our components are customised to your requirements. Our design is based on your specific requirements and delivery specifications. If required, we can equip our components with additional elements such as scales, contour checks or control devices to further optimise the automation of your operation. By customising the system our components can be integrated into your existing conveyor technology or combined to form a new complete system.


Roller conveyors

There are just as many possible applications for roller conveyors as there are roller conveyor variants. Some examples of these are idle roller conveyors, driven roller conveyors, roller curves, accumulating roller conveyors, roller conveyors with motorised rollers and roller conveyors for pallet conveyor technology. Therefore roller conveyors are ideally suited for the universal use of a wide variety of conveyed goods in the production and intralogistics of your company .


Curved conveyor

With curved conveyors goods can be conveyed in a different direction than before during the transport process. This is achieved using a conveyor solution with curves or angled sections. The curved conveyor takes the incoming goods and returns them to the outgoing conveyor in the same direction. Various radii and angles can be installed.


Chain conveyor

Chain conveyors have almost limitless application possibilities. The most important features of chain conveyors are their robust construction and their resistance to external influences. Various chain designs enable transport over several levels. Even hot, oily, sharp-edged and very long materials can be transported with a conveyor system of this type.


Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors belong to the category of continuous conveyors and enable fast, gentle and quiet transport. They are preferably used to overcome inclines, gradients and curves. A wide variety of goods can be transported, including unit loads  with different weights, dimensions, shapes and uneven surfaces, as well as very small goods.


Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors can be used to transport large, dimensionally stable, heavy, bulky and long goods with the same width and the transport is particularly gentle, very fast as well as precise and without slippage. Belt conveyors are available in a wide range of forms, such as flat belt conveyors, timing belt conveyors, carrying belt conveyors and round belt conveyors. All systems are available in a wide variety of dimensions;


Travelling carriage

Travelling carriages are an ideal component for distributing conveyed goods on offset conveyor sections and/or with different heights. They are ideal for the distribution and interlinking of conveyed goods for picking, buffering and workstations or in combination with a rack and offer the option of changing the conveying direction to save space e.g. to interlink with further intralogistics.



Turntables are an ideal solution in conveyor technology for turning goods in the tightest of spaces, feeding products in and out at different angles or changing the conveying direction at any angle. Our range includes turntables in both manual and motorised versions.

Stroke converter

The lift transfer units are used where the connection between two or more parallel conveyor sections has to be made at a 90-degree angle by means of a lifting movement (lifting and lowering). They make it possible to change the direction of the conveyed material in a very confined space without interrupting the flow of the main conveyor section of the system.

Vertical conveyor

Vertical conveyors distribute the goods to be conveyed over several levels or overcome specified height differences within the conveyor section in a very confined space. The entire conveyor section can therefore run over several levels. With a vertical conveyor the conveyed goods can be brought to an ergonomic height at a workstation thus facilitating the subsequent work steps.


Handling devices

Handling devices as a cost-effective alternative to robots help to rationalise work processes. They can be used to realise automatic and precise handling of conveyed goods that for example cannot be moved or held by human employees.


Supplementary components

We customise our designs precisely to the requirements of your individual production and intralogistics. In addition to our complete systems and components, we can offer you customised solutions in the areas of workpiece carriers, special machines with fixtures and production aids;


Pallet conveyor technology

Durch unsere unterschiedlichsten modular aufgebauten Förderkomponenten kann die Palettenfördertechnik universell gestaltet werden und ist an neue Gegebenheiten individuell anpassbar. Mit unserer Palettenfördertechnik lassen sich Ihre Fördergüter problemlos transportieren, stauen, umsetzen, verfahren, drehen, heben und senken, sowie ordnen, speichern, prüfen oder zentrieren.

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