Optimisation & expansion of existing conveyor systems


Made of steel or TT aluminium profile system

For the expansion or optimisation of the existing conveyor system in your production and intralogistics, we have a comprehensive selection of solutions of our components made of steel and TT aluminium profile system with corresponding control and drive technology in a modular design.

With our modular construction system, various designs and materials are available for our components. Depending on the goods to be conveyed and the environmental influences, our components are designed and manufactured either from steel, stainless steel or from our in-house TT aluminium profile system or from a combination of both.

Thanks to our anodised TT aluminium profile system, our components are stable, flexible to use, easy to shorten/extend and expandable at any time. Due to the longitudinal grooves in our anodised TT aluminium profile system, subsequent attachment of add-on parts such as supports, side guides or sensors is possible at any time.

Our components are adapted to your conveyed goods. Our design is based on your specific requirements and delivery specifications. If required, we equip our components with additional elements such as scales, contour controls or control devices such as workpiece controls or position controls.

Thanks to the individual adaptation, our components can be integrated into your existing conveyor technology or connected to form a new complete system.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors offer a wide range of applications for the universal conveying of various goods in production and intralogistics.

Curved conveyor

Curved conveyors enable a change in the transport direction of light and heavy conveyed goods such as pallets, workpiece carriers, cardboard boxes and crates.

Chain conveyor

The outstanding features of chain conveyors are their stable construction and their high resistance to external influences.

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors are preferably used to cope with inclines, declines and curves, offering fast, gentle and quiet transport.

Belt conveyor

Large-area, dimensionally stable, heavy and bulky conveyed goods can be transported gently and with high accuracy and speed using the belt conveyor.

Traversing carriage

Traversing carriages are an ideal component for distributing conveyed goods on staggered conveyor sections and/or different heights.


Turntables are perfect for turning conveyed goods in confined spaces, whether for infeed or discharge or for changing the direction of conveyance at any angle.

Stroke converter

Lift converters are used where a lifting movement is required to make the connection between two or more parallel conveyor sections.


Vertical conveyors enable targeted distribution of the material to be conveyed on several levels and overcome specified height differences within the conveyor section in a very confined space.

Handling equipment

Handling equipment enables automatic handling of conveyed goods that, for example, are impossible for human workers to move or hold.


In addition to our complete systems and components, we offer you solutions ranging from planning and manufacturing to comprehensive after-sales service.


Thanks to the variety of our modular conveyor components, the pallet conveyor technology can be designed flexibly and can be individually adapted to new conditions.