Stroke converter

The lift converters are used where the connection between two or more parallel conveyor sections must be made at a 90-degree angle by a lifting movement (lifting and lowering). They enable the direction of the conveyed goods to be changed in a very confined space without interrupting the flow of the main conveyor section. This makes it easy to transfer the conveyed goods in and out, for example, to change the conveying direction or to interlink them with the downstream intralogistics.

The lifting movements can be motorised or pneumatic. The motorised lift offers a particularly smooth and parallel lifting movement.

The lift converters can be used, as with our turntables, transfer carriages and vertical conveyors, with different conveyor components such as, for example. Roller conveyor, Chain conveyor or belt conveyor, or can be equipped with special designs. For example, there is a chain stroke converter or a toothed belt stroke converter. This makes them a universally applicable conveyor technology for production and intralogistics.

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