Roller conveyors with motor rollers

Roller conveyors with motorised rollers are a popular means in conveyor technology for conveying, stopping and buffering goods without accumulation pressure. They can be used to transport various goods with a flat surface or a surrounding frame and with different widths. Roller conveyors with motorised rollers are suitable for transporting, for example, pallets, workpiece carriers, refrigerators, dishwashers, brake discs, cardboard boxes, washing baskets, crates, baskets, etc.

With this conveyor technology, the roller conveyor is divided into separately driven sections, i.e. a roller conveyor with individual sections. Each section consists of a motorised roller and several idle rollers. The drive power is transmitted from roller to roller by means of belts that are attached to the drive heads of the rollers. The motorised rollers can be used to achieve different speeds or with gentle start and stop functions.

The motor rollers are controlled via special individual modules at I/O level or with bus modules (Profinet, ASI,...). This allows normal programming or intelligent circuits without programming.

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