Modular belt conveyor

The use of modular belt conveyors or also called mat chain conveyors is as varied as the goods that can be transported on them. They are mostly used for goods with different weights, dimensions, shapes, temperatures and uneven surfaces, such as cardboard boxes, dishwasher baskets, small electrical machines, foam sheets, plastic parts, injection moulded parts, waste, polystyrene bases and blocks, batteries in the acid range, bitumen mats or (oily) small parts.

The modular belt conveyor consists of individual plastic injection moulded elements connected to each other. This makes them robust, low-maintenance and easy to clean. The individual plastic elements can be easily replaced in the event of maintenance or repair and enable inclines or declines to be overcome.

The positive-locking modular link chain drive of modular link chain, sprockets and chain enables slip-free, constant and correct chain guidance. Furthermore, tensioning systems are not necessary. The modular chains can be completely closed or opened and equipped with, for example, rubber modules or flights.

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