Steel conveyor technology for steel frames

Chain conveyor for feeding heavy load carriers into a robot station. Transfer unit with integrated driven roller conveyor for transverse conveying.

Conveyed material Steel frame
Measures 1.000mm x 2.000mm x 455mm (LxWxH)
Weight of the material to be conveyed max. 500kg
Conveying direction transverse / longitudinal
Cycle time max. 20

The full steel racks are brought onto the conveyor line on the left and right feed by means of a forklift truck. The side guides on the suspension chain conveyors simplify the insertion and keep the steel frames on the right track.

The suspension chain conveyors transport the goods to be conveyed to the unloading point. At this position, the steel racks are emptied by means of a robot unit. The empty steel racks are then transported to the central return section by means of lifting transfer units. The lifting transfer units are equipped with driven roller conveyors which are integrated into the suspension chain conveyor.

At the end of the return section is the acceptance position. There, the empty steel racks are positioned by means of a rocker for removal with a forklift truck. The rocker eliminates the risk of personnel being crushed.

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