Conveyor systems and components customised to your conveyed goods

We take into account all the important criteria for the planned application. It starts with the basic design of your system based on the size and weight of your conveyed goods and the conditions on site. This determines the choice of materials and the basic design of the system. Regardless of the design, whether made of steel or with our in-house anodised TT aluminium profile system: We guarantee a maintenance-friendly design and low-wear operation. This increases system availability, reduces costs for spare parts procurement and storage and minimises downtimes for maintenance and repair work.


With our modular system, various designs and materials are available for our conveyor technology. Depending on the goods to be conveyed and the environmental influences, our conveyor systems are designed and manufactured either from steel, stainless steel or our TT aluminium profile system, or from a combination of these materials. Thanks to our anodised TT aluminium profile system, our components are stable, flexible to use, easy to shorten/extend and can be extended at any time. The longitudinal grooves in our anodised TT aluminium profile system make it possible to attach add-on parts such as supports, side guides or sensors at any time.

We can expand or complete our conveyor technology and components for your specific production and intralogistics at any time with special designs such as special machines, workpiece carriers, handling devices or fixtures.

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