Accumulation roller conveyor

Accumulation roller conveyors or friction roller conveyors are a popular means in conveyor technology for transporting, feeding or buffering conveyed goods with accumulation pressure. Accumulation conveyors can be used to transport various goods with a flat surface or a surrounding frame and with different widths and lengths. Accumulation roller conveyors are suitable for transporting, for example, workpiece carriers, refrigerators, dishwashers, brake discs, cardboard boxes, washing baskets, steel racks, crates, plastic baskets, batteries, etc.

The special features of friction roller conveyors are, on the one hand, that the rotary movement of a friction roller is transmitted by frictional engagement, whereby the desired friction can be individually adjusted. On the other hand, the goods to be conveyed can be accumulated with accumulation pressure. This means that the goods to be conveyed accumulate in contact on the roller conveyor at defined stations where, for example, processing or parts handling is required. For individual further transport, they are separated with suitable stopping, turning and separating devices.

By means of an accumulating roller conveyor, several processing machines responsible for individual work processes are interlinked. With the help of this system, high weights and loads can be transported without any problems.

We select the ideal design for you based on the material to be conveyed, e.g. with chain drive with internal or external friction. When using motorised rollers, even zero pressure accumulation transport is possible.

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