Traversing carriage

When distributing the goods to be conveyed on conveyor sections that are offset from each other and/or have different heights, transfer carriages are an ideal component. They are ideal for distributing and linking the conveyed goods for picking, buffers, workstations or in combination with a rack, such as a distribution trolley for Euro pallets, as a stacker crane for special pallets, a transfer trolley with integrated turning station, the distribution of refrigerators or the transport of hardening batches.

It offers the possibility to change the conveying direction in a space-saving way or to interlink with the further intralogistics.

On the transfer trolley, also known as a shifting trolley or transfer trolley. transfer trolley, as with our turntables, stroke transfer units or vertical conveyors, different conveyor components such as, for example. roller conveyor, Kettenförderer, Bandförderer , belt conveyors, stroke transfer units, telescopic forks or special designs can be integrated. If required, the transfer carriages can be equipped with special constructions for e.g. storage and retrieval units. This makes them a universally applicable conveyor technology for production and intralogistics.

The traversing carriage can be driven directly on the wheels or via toothed belts. If the drive is by toothed belt, the motor can be mounted stationary or travelling on the carriage.

Even at high speeds, the traversing carriage retains its track stability. This is ensured by laterally mounted guide rollers. Durable and low-wear Vulkollan wheels ensure smooth running and vibration damping.

The power supply can be provided either with a conductor rail or with a drag chain.

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