Suspension chain conveyor

The load-bearing chain conveyors are characterised by a low support of the conveyed goods. They are suitable for transporting e.g. wire mesh boxes, pallets, workpiece carriers, special load carriers, steel profiles, load carriers for exhaust systems, roller containers, hardening frames, castings, steel boxes, crash barriers, etc. They are also a popular conveyor system in pallet conveyor technology.

Chain conveyors prove themselves with their high payload and robust construction. The design varies, depending on the material to be conveyed, in two-strand or multi-strand chain conveyors with different roller chains. An overlap of the strands when using several suspension chain conveyors in a row guarantees a continuous supporting surface. This means that extremely wide conveying distances can also be realised.

The free space between the conveyor strands means that the material to be conveyed is accessible from below and there is sufficient space between the strands for the installation of stoppers, fixing units and processing stations.

The dimensioning of the chains is selected individually to suit the material to be conveyed or the specific application. Gentle rubber studs, claws, angles, prisms or plates are used.

The transport can be either continuous or intermittent. It is also possible to use the suspension chain conveyors in reverse operation.

The drive for multiple strands is usually via a drive shaft. For heavy loads, the suspension chain conveyor strands are either equipped with their own gear motor or the drive is carried out with shaft couplings.

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