Apron feeder

The apron conveyors or steel hinged plate conveyors are particularly robust and hard-wearing. Like modular belt conveyors, they are mostly used for conveyed goods with different weights, dimensions, shapes, temperatures and uneven surfaces. They can be used, for example, to transport goods with extreme properties, such as sharp edges, heavy soiling, damp, oily, hot, milling chips or emulsions.

The apron feeder consists of individual steel hinged plates connected to each other. This makes them robust, low-maintenance and easy to clean. The individual steel hinged plate chains can be easily replaced in case of maintenance or repair and allow to overcome inclines or declines.

Due to the positive drive of steel hinge plates, sprockets and chain, a slip-free, constant and correct chain guidance is possible. Furthermore, tensioning systems are not necessary. Depending on the application, the apron feeder can be equipped with a smooth, perforated, slotted or studded surface.

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