Swivelling roller conveyor

Conveyed material Steel frame
Measures max.3600 mm x 800 mm (LxW)
min.600 mm x 450 mm (LxW)
Weight max. 400 kg
Förderrichtung längs
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15 °C – 40°C

The conveyor system consists of three manual work tables with width-adjustable and swivelling idle roller conveyors to enable more ergonomic, efficient and easier work on steel workpieces.

One lane is 4,000mm long and the width is adjustable from 450mm to 800mm. Width adjustment is via polyurethane castors with eccentric ball bearings, guided in a steel U-profile. The desired width is fixed by means of spring-loaded pins that automatically lock into place. This substructure can be tilted by approx. 20° with the empty luff sheets on it. This is done via a hydraulic hand pump. An additionally installed lowering and brake valve ensures that the set inclination is maintained.

The optimum working height can be found via the convenient adjustment option of ± 200mm. After the steel workpieces have been processed, they are manually moved to the next work table. The first two worktables each have through roller conveyors on the left. These can be folded away downwards. They have a gas spring support as well as a support fixation on the following worktable.

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