Toothed belt conveyor

Toothed belt conveyors are a conveyor technology in which an endless belt is used as a carrier to transport goods from one point to another in internal transport. The belt usually consists of a fabric or steel-reinforced plastic compound, which can be equipped with a sliding or adhesive surface. Depending on the specific requirements of the application, the belts are also available with corresponding drive elements.

Timing belt conveyors offer an efficient solution for the gentle and precise transport of a wide range of conveyed goods, regardless of whether they are moved by continuous or intermittent transport. The belt conveyors operate very quietly and vibration-free and allow smooth running even at high speeds. Toothed belt conveyors are particularly suitable for large, dimensionally stable, bulky and long goods. Multi-strand belt conveyors can also be used to transport goods of different widths. The goods are transported with high accuracy and speed and without slippage. The conveyors enable reliable transport of workpiece carriers, sensitive goods, refrigerator housings, wire mesh frames, doors, furniture parts, plastic crates, moulded sheet metal parts and much more. TEGEL-TECHNIK belt conveyors score highly thanks to the high flexibility of their compact design with a wide range of possible applications and master individual conveyor technology requirements.

Advantages of timing belt conveyors from TEGEL-TECHNIK

  • Broad range of applications: Thanks to their versatility, our timing belt conveyors are used in various industries where precise and gentle material transport is crucial. Thanks to their flat and compact design, they can be ideally integrated into systems where space is limited.

  • Individuality and flexibility: Depending on the intended use of our belt conveyor, the design varies in two- or multi-strand belt conveyors. This means that conveyed goods of different widths can also be transported. We tailor the respective design to your individual requirements and your conveyed goods.

  • Robust and reliable: In addition to precision and speed, our timing belt conveyors are also characterised by their high load capacity and stable design, which is based on a sturdy base frame. This makes the belt conveyor an extremely reliable and robust transport system.

  • Efficiency and economy: Our conveyor systems with timing belts are designed to be highly energy efficient. The friction between the timing belt and the sliding base is minimised thanks to special material combinations, which reduces energy consumption.

  • Everything from a single source: We offer a high level of vertical integration with an extensive range of mechanical, electrical and software services. As a company in the field of conveyor technology, we have been drawing on our valuable experience since 1982.

Design and functionality of timing belt conveyors

Toothed belt conveyors usually consist of a sturdy aluminium frame with an integrated sliding element on which a belt runs. The conveyor belt is driven by toothed pulleys, which ensures slip-free and gentle transport. Additional elements such as side guides or integrated stoppers extend the range of applications. The timing belt conveyor offers flexible application options for transporting all types of unit loads.

The design varies, depending on the conveyed goods, in two- or multi-strand belt conveyors with different belt designs. An overlap of the strands when using several timing belt conveyors in series guarantees a continuous contact surface. This also makes it possible to transport goods with a small contact surface. The drive for several strands is usually provided by a continuous drive shaft. Transport can be either continuous or intermittent. Belt conveyors can also be used in reverse operation.

Thanks to the free space between the conveyor lines, the conveyor system offers good accessibility to the unit loads from below. There is also sufficient space between the lines for the installation of stoppers, fixing units and processing stations. The conveyed goods can be moved along the conveyor line or lifted and removed using pushers, linear units or gantry systems.

When designing the conveyor system, the belt design is selected individually to suit the conveyed goods or the specific application. If the conveyed goods are to be moved on the belt, for example, a design with a sliding surface is selected. In contrast to chain conveyors, timing belt conveyors have a very clean surface as no lubricants are used. This prevents contamination of the conveyed material.   

Toothed belt conveyors in use

Timing belt conveyors are used in various industries where precise, gentle and clean transport is crucial. Their areas of application range from the manufacturing industry to food processing and logistics. The modular conveyor system with timing belts fulfils your individual requirements, regardless of whether they involve indexing, high positioning accuracy or the transport of dimensionally stable goods. 

For our customers, we have implemented conveyor lines with timing belt conveyors for transporting white goods with sensitive surface coatings. In addition to precision and speed, the clean and gentle transport of the sensitive goods was a decisive factor in favour of the timing belt conveyor.

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