Pallet conveyor technology

Pallet conveyor technology is used to transport palletised goods between different areas of production, the warehouse, order picking and shipping. The stacking and separating of pallets in logistics by corresponding functional units is also covered by pallet conveyors . The system for in-plant transport guarantees an optimal flow of materials and ensures efficient, reliable and economical processes  especially with recurring processes and constant routes.

Our pallet conveyor systems can be adapted to different pallet sizes specifically according to your needs and the circumstances thanks to their modular design. Various conveyor components such as roller conveyors, Kettenförderer, Hubumsetzer, Drehtische, Verfahrwagen, vertical conveyors  or pallet magazines can be integrated. A selection of our realised projects can be found here.

Advantages of pallet conveyors from TEGEL-TECHNIK

  • Wide range of applications: Our pallet conveyor technology covers a wide range of tasks besides the efficient transport of pallets. Apart from common wooden pallet dimensions our extensive range also allows different variants of pallets for heavy loads to be transported.

  • Individuality and flexibility: Every pallet is different. That is why our pallet conveyor system is specially adapted to your requirements and circumstances thanks to its modular design This is how we enable flexible plant construction for your operation.

  • Robust and reliable: Our high-quality components for conveyor systems are characterised by first-class materials and careful workmanship. We supply robust designs with powerful drives for a particularly long service life.

  • Efficiency and economy: Through our pallet conveyor system you achieve a high throughput speed and thus have an ideal material flow technology. The fully automatic transport of goods by conveyor systems optimises economic efficiency in all industries.

  • Everything from a single source: We offer a high vertical range of manufacture with an extensive spectrum of services. In doing so, we as a company in the field of materials handling draw on our valuable experience since 1982.

Structure and functionality of pallet conveyor technology

The design of our pallet conveyor technology is modular and depends on the specific requirements of the conveyor line. Due to the variety of our conveyor components we can design our pallet conveyors and systems universally and thus adapt them individually to your needs. In addition to robust and durable conveyor components energy-saving and frequency-controlled drive technology ensures a reliable solution for pallet transport in intralogistics and production. The focus is on efficient conveying that guarantees smooth material flow.

With pallet conveyor systems a variety of different pallets can be transported. These include Euro pallets, industrial pallets and chemical pallets as well as Düsseldorf pallets, skeleton containers, steel frames, special load carriers or pallet-like goods to be conveyed. In addition, we supply special constructions for special goods to be conveyed.

Pallet conveyor systems in use

At TEGEL-TECHNIK we are experts in conveyor technology - individually tailored to your needs and circumstances . We design the perfect pallet conveyor system for your application, drawing on a wide range of diverse conveyor components and many years of experience  

Regular internal transport routes, for example between production and warehouse, can be made more efficient by automating warehouse technology . Our pallet conveyors support you in transporting, stowing, transferring, moving, turning as well as lifting and lowering, arranging and storing, checking and centring.

We have implemented various projects for the transport of pallets for our customers. This usually involves the use of several different conveyor components, such as chain conveyors and roller conveyors. Among others, we use Fconveyor lines for Euro pallets, roller conveyors, lift transfer units with carrying chain conveyors, as well as a hardware and software from our own company.

Another example is the use of this conveyor as transport and buffer line. Here a combination of idle and driven roller conveyors, as well as a manual turntable for conveying hydraulic cylinders was used. The control is done by a hard- and software solution adapted to the project in our company.

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