Conveyor system for camshafts

Feeding machine components into robot cell with workpiece carrier

Conveyed material Camshafts on workpiece carrier
Measures Diameter 40 mm x max. 320 mm
Weight max. 1.6kg / workpiece
Conveying direction quer
Cycle time 20s
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15 °C – 40°C

The empty workpiece carriers reach the loading point through a pendulum flap with safety roller sensor. At the loading point, the operator manually places the camshafts with stop and separation outside the safety area into the workpiece carriers with prisms. The loaded workpiece carriers are then automatically indexed into the robot cell.

At the appropriate point with stop and separation, the camshafts are removed by the robot from the prisms on the workpiece carriers.

The empty workpiece carriers are returned to the underside of the circulating chain conveyor by means of a deflection.

On the underside, they have to cross a pendulum flap again to get to the top and arrive back at the loading point.

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