Brake drum conveyor technology

Conveyed material Brake discs and drums
Measures 230 -280mm x 30-100mm (ØxH)
Weight max. 20kg
Conveyor direction longitudinal
Cycle time 9 sec / provision per cycle
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature 15 °C – 40°C

This conveyor system is used to transport different brake drums and feed them to different conveyor lines.

The brake drums of different diameters painted by the on-site coating plant are taken over by the accumulating roller conveyor and transferred to the corresponding downstream conveyors via lift transfer units. The lift transfer units are equipped with toothed belt conveyors. Because of the sometimes small diameters of the brake drums, a small roller pitch is used. This makes the lift converters a special design with specially manufactured toothed belt conveyors.

To protect the already coated brake discs, the support rollers have a plastic coating.

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