Conveying technology for containers

Conveyed goods Plastic container VDA-R KLT 3215
Measurments 300mm x 200 mm (LxW)
Weight max. 20kg
Conveying direction lengthwise
Cycle time ca. 6,5 s
Installation site trockener Betrieb in geschlossenen Räumen
Ambient temperature 18 °C – 35°C

The powered accumulation roller conveyors are used to transport empty KLTs to a filling station.

The accumulation roller conveyor is equipped with a guide at the start, which makes it easier to insert the KLTs. The KLTs are filled on the track.

Stopping and separating at the end of the lane ensures positioning and consistent delivery to the downstream conveyor system.

After the KLTs have been filled, they are transferred to the idle roller conveyor.

The KLTs reach the end of the roller conveyor by gravity. A stop with a recess facilitates manual removal.

The filled containers are removed by hand and stacked on pallets.