Transport of crash barriers

Tragkettenförderer aus Stahl mit Scherenhubtische

Conveyed material Guardrail packages with up to 20 pieces of planks
Measures 4.300mm x 686mm (LxW)
Weight of the material to be conveyed 900 kg per package total max. 5.500 kg
Conveying direction cross
Installation site dry operation in closed rooms
Ambient temperature -10°C to +40°C
Special environmental influences light acid fumes

Guardrail packages (L = 4300 mm, weight approx. 900 kg each) are transported in pairs on the suspension chain conveyor. There is still residual water on the crash barriers from the profiling system. To remove the residual water, the crash barriers are lifted at one end by means of lifting tables so that the water can drip off.

For this purpose, the lifting table raises the crash barriers slightly above the chain conveyor. On the other side is a support stand, which is height-adjustable for initial set-up. The planks are brought into an inclined position and the liquid can drain off. Under the support frame there is a collecting tray with a drain cock under which a collecting vessel can be placed.

The planks rest on polyurethane rollers to have the optimal support for the plank and load distribution for the scissor lift table.


Support chain conveyor, scissor lift table, hard- and software consisting of circuit diagram preparation, control cabinet construction, system installation, software creation, system visualisation, commissioning and production support.

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